Avoid Overtraining by Measuring HRV, Sleep, and Recovery with WHOOP — Barbell Shrugged #385


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WHOOP is the performance tool that is changing the way people track their fitness and optimize their training. WHOOP provides a wrist worn heart rate monitor that pairs to their app that provides analytics and insights on recovery, strain, and sleep. Know when your body is recovered or when it needs rest by getting to know your nervous system through heart rate variability and quality of sleep. Automatically track workouts and get strain scores that let you know how strenuous training was on your body and see even more data like average heart rate, max heart rate, and calories burned. Get optimal sleep times based on how strenuous your day was and track sleep performance with insight into your sleep cycles and stages of sleep, sleep quality, and sleep consistency. WHOOP monitors heart rate 100 per second 24/7 to give you full insight into your day so you can optimize the way you train. WHOOP has provided an offer for listeners to get 15% off their purchase with the code “shrugged.” Just go to WHOOP and use the code “shrugged” at checkout to save 15% and optimize the way you train.

In this episode of Barbell Shrugged we talk with Mike from WHOOP about the goal and vision of WHOOP, our experience with WHOOP, the impact of travel schedules with athletes, how to apply data into daily routines, how to interpret strain, future tracking goals with WHOOP, going through Ander’s data, how coaches can use WHOOP with their athletes, and much more.


- Anders and Doug

Episode Breakdown:

0:00 – 2:12 Intro

2:12 – 5:04 Mike’s Background

5:05 – 5:58 The goal and vision of WHOOP

5:59 – 7:41 Barbell Shrugged’s initial experience with WHOOP

8:07 – 10:49 Recovery

10:50 – 14:18 Strain

14:19 – 14:48 Where WHOOP got its start in sports

14:49 – 16:07 impact of travel schedules with athletes

24:04 – 27:37 The sleep cycles WHOOP tracks

27:38 – 35:35 How to apply WHOOP data into daily routine

35:36 – 38:18 How to interpret strain

38:19 – 42:23 Adjusting sleep to wake up optimally

42:23 - 45:32 Recovery across different types of training and sports

45:33 – 48:46 WHOOP calories

48:47 – 50:55 How nutrition helps with sleep and recovery

55:56 – 51:52 Future tracking goals with WHOOP

51:53 – 54:32 How the WHOOP Strap tracks data

54:33 – 55:52 Wearing WHOOP

55:53 – 1:11:55 Going through Anders’ data

1:11:56 – 1:15:08 Teams and groups WHOOP works with

1:15:09 – 11:16:20 How coaches can use WHOOP

1:16:21 – 1:19:20 How WHOOP calculates HRV

1:19:21 – 1:27:30 Applying physiology to training plans

1:27:31 – 1:29:17 Training through injury with WHOOP

1:29:18 – 1:30:38 How athletes deal with their WHOOP data day of events

1:30:39 – 1:34:29 What WHOOP does with collected data

1:34:30 – 1:41:26 Finishing thoughts and outro


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