Brian Muka: Harnessing Fear, Wim Hof, and Starting Your Day With A Challenge — The Bledsoe Show #124


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Brian Muka (@brian_muka) helps people turn fear into a superpower. Brian believes that this overlooked powerful source of energy is the key to getting more done, saying yes to the right things and no to the wrong, and when harnessed can result in more impact and income. Brian teaches the tools of masters to keep fear small and manageable and helps people get to know fear to turn into fuel, focus and ultimately a friend.

Advice from Brian: Do something every day that scares you because your life expands proportionally to your ability to harness fear.

In this episode we talk about how Brian harnesses fear, his experience working as an EOD, night skydiving, Whim Hof breathing, how utilizing breath saved Brian’s life, why you should start your day with a challenge, Brian’s relationship with fear, the need for self care, Brian’s upcoming book, the most terrifying thing Brian has ever done, and much more.



Episode Breakdown:

⚡️0-10: Mike and Brian’s friendship, the health benefits of kombo, how Brian helps people harness fear, and Brian's experience of diving into fear (military, ultra marathons, EOD)

⚡️11-20: Brian’s experience as an EOD and working with the secret service, night skydiving, why “sucking it up” isn’t a good way to handle fear, the Whim Hof method, how breathing saved Brian’s life,

⚡️21-30: High stakes meditation, how ice baths challenge your safety, why your breathing is compromising your immune system, train harder than you have to fight, and the different types of breathwork

⚡️31-40: How singing and humming can teach you how to breathe, the critical aspects of downregulation, and a disclaimer on doing upregulating breathwork

⚡️ 41-50: Why environment matters when doing breathwork, the benefits of breathwork for autoimmune disease, utilizing breathwork to enhance meditation, why you should start your day with a challenge, and Brian’s new book

⚡️51-60: Brian’s relationship with fear, the power of a good therapist, why you always have a choice, the two key takeaways from Viktor Frankl's book, Man’s Search for Meaning, the need for self care, and the most terrifying thing Brian has ever done

⚡️61-68: More details on Brian’s upcoming book, if you’re not dealing with fear then what are you doing?, being grateful for what you have while you continue to chase what you want, the practice of gratitude, and where to find Brian


Show notes:


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