Fit Pregnancy with Functional Medicine Physician Dr. Gabrielle Lyon — Muscle Maven Radio Episode #11


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Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a functional medicine physician specializing in Muscle-Centric Medicine, which focuses on skeletal muscle as the key to longevity. She leverages evidence-based medicine with emerging cutting-edge science to restore metabolism, balance hormones, and optimize body composition with the goal of improving health-span.Dr. Lyon’s current patient population includes elite military operators, professional athletes, executives, and anyone looking to level up their body and mind. 

Dr. Lyon completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois Champaign - Urbana in Human Nutrition, Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism. She attended the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine and is board-certified in Family Practice. She also completed a research/clinical fellowship in Nutritional Science and Geriatrics at Washington University in St. Louis. Before her foray into medicine, Dr. Lyon was a national semifinalist in Fitness America, a professional fitness model, and nationally ranked figure competitor. She is also a regular speaker on these and other topics for academic and public audiences and is a member of the Eagle Rise Speakers Bureau.

Ashleigh has a fit pregnancy chat with our favorite functional medicine physician, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon. We talk about the exercise and nutrition adjustments that need to be made as you grow a human; the reasons behind some common pregnancy symptoms (food aversions, swollen feet, exhaustion); her thoughts about a birth plan and delivery; resources and tests to take, and things to consider if you’re planning to have a kid for both men and women; and how a Type-A, busy, athletic doctor who treats military operators everyday is learning to connect with her more feminine and maternal side.

Minute Breakdown:

0 – 9 Catching up with Gabrielle in her second trimester of pregnancy; she talks about the unexpected experience it’s been so far, and the life-changing moment that helped her decide she wanted to have a baby


9 – 16 How pregnancy is helping her connect with her feminine and maternal side, and how pregnancy is often an opportunity to practice adaptability – you can’t always control the way your body changes or feels

16 - 31 How Dr. Lyon’s training and eating has changed (spoiler alert: Significantly!)

31 – 38 What’s Dr. Lyon’s birth plan? What are her favorite resources for pregnant women?

41 – 53 Some super fun “challenges” she’s facing throughout the pregnancy like bursitis, and how to apply a growth vs fixed mindset to the challenging experiences we all face

53 – 58 What tests or prep should couples do when they are thinking about becoming pregnant?

58 – 1:01 Back to Dr. Lyon’s regular work: with medical research, how do we know we’re getting unbiased, transparent, and ethical studies and information?

1:01 – We talk protein for performance and longevity; when we need more or less protein throughout our lives; and how much generally we need

1:07 – What’s Dr. G up to at work these days? We talk about her involvement with Task Force Dagger


Show notes:


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