AJ Roberts: The New Wave of Intelligence and Why Meditation without Action is Limiting Your Capacity — The Bledsoe Show #123


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This week on The Bledsoe Show Mike talks with old-school Barbell Business podcast host and two-time world-record-setting powerlifter AJ Roberts. He’s one of the few people in the industry with a very solid perspective on both business and training, and he’s one of our favorite speakers of all time. He gets it, and he’s great at helping other people get it, too.

In this episode we talk about the practice of making things unimportant, how cognitive dissonance is hijacking your life, why mediation without action is limiting your capacity, the new wave of intelligence, why people fill their spaces with stuff, how globalization is waking people up, how you can experience the greatest joy and sadness all at once, and much more.



Episode Breakdown:

⚡️0-10: The practice of making things unimportant, distracting ourselves from the reality of our lives, and re-evaluating what you’ve deemed as important

⚡️11-20: Be the example of what could be possible in this world, don’t exist in the system, build a new one next to it, and how cognitive dissonance is hijacking your life

⚡️21-30: Why meditation without action is limiting your capacity, the new wave of intelligence, the false reality of what’s important, and why does the richest person in the world start to give their money away?

⚡️31-40: Why people fill their spaces with stuff, learning your thought process and how you’ve been conditioned by your past, and how you can tap into your intuition

⚡️ 41-50: The amount of ways to communicate with others, the pressure to respond, ask yourself not what’s possible, but what’s sustainable, and what we’ve identified as the best path possible

⚡️51-60: What you want is there you just have to pay attention to it, why you should observe your own behavior, and the subscription society

⚡️61-70: Operating from the mindset of scarcity vs. abundance, the creation of new problems, and how the narrative changes but human behavior doesn’t

⚡️71-80: How globalization is waking people up, why AJ thinks that time has collapsed, and the movie Inside Out

⚡️81-90: The only real pain and suffering in the world, how you can experience the greatest joy and sadness all at once, the creation that results from the peaks and valleys of life, and why the roller coaster is what makes life worth living

⚡️91-103: Kids give you more than you could ever give them, no vs. stop, and how everything already points back to what you have inside yourself


Show notes: https://shruggedcollective.com/tbs-roberts


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