Wes Kitts Eating, Training, and Triple Days in Prep for the 2020 Olympics w/ Wes Kitts, Anders Varner, and Doug Larson and Jackie Perez - Barbell Shrugged — Barbell Shrugged #417


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Wes Kitts, 2018 and 2019 Pan American Olympic weightlifting champion. Kitts was born in Knoxville, TN where he played high school soccer and football before going on to play Division 1AA football for Austin Peay State University. He began his weightlifting journey in 2014. In 2016 Wes moved to San Ramon, California to begin training at California Strength. He currently competes in the 109kg weight class, having moved up from 105kg class due to recent changes made by the IWF. Kitts holds multiple national titles including 2015 American Open Champion, 2016 National Champion, and 2016 American Open Champion. Kitts is currently coached by Dave spits and looks to make a run at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games.

In this episode of Barbell Shrugged, Anders, Doug, and Jackie Perez discuss the lead up to 2019 Worlds, the 2020 Olympics, and how in the hell Wes Kitts got so strong.

Minute Breakdown:

1-10 NFL or Weightlifting for power athletes

11-20 The introduction to Dave Spitz and Cal Strength

21-30 Eating and Training for Triple Days

31-40 Competing on the Olympic Stage

41-50 Preparing for One Ton Challenge

51-60 Strongman as a sport and eating to be huge

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One Ton Challenge

Find your 1rm in the snatch, clean, jerk, squat, dead, bench.

Add them up to find your One Ton Total.

The goal is 2,000 pounds for men and 1,200 for women.

“What is the One Ton Challenge”

“How Strong is Strong Enough”


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