Episode Fifty Four - Rebecca is shunned by Jehovah's Witnesses


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Disfellowshipped for her second time at the age of 19, Rebecca was kicked out of her house. She had always led a double life, the one that she wanted, and the one that she was being forced into as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. As a child with no young people in her congregation her only friends were those older than her at the Kingdom Hall, or the occasional “worldly” kid that she could have over as long as she spent that time studying and trying to indoctrinate them.

This is a story of a person that knew that they didn’t want to live a life that they were given and that eventually was pushed so far mentally and emotionally that she gave in and truly became sincere in her efforts to be everything that everyone had always wanted her to be. She finally wanted it. They had succeeded in making her low enough that she truly wanted to be one of them, and you will find out how that went through Rebecca’s story in this episode.

The song that Rebecca chose to represent her journey is Worthy by Jacob Banks.

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