089 - Rebirth


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Good News Everyone! Futurama refuses to go down quietly, which means the Baby Beard Crew has at least another year's worth of podcasting! They strap themselves in to witness the glorious return, with 'Rebirth'. Sean questions the act of eye-kissing, Ellen discovers she IS Bender, and Phil wonders why the crew bothered saving Zoidberg. Oh, and no, you're not missing 16 episodes. We at Baby Beard simply refused to watch the films as individual episodes (because to hell with that), but also feel obligated to quote the official episode number. Do you have a favourite Stan Lee moment? Tell us here or on Twitter (@babybeardmedia). Drop us a like or leave a review on iTunes. All our stuff is on Spreaker, Stitcher, and Youtube - and our faces are on Instagram. You can find Shut Up and Take My Podcast and a host of other great shows at: www.alottagreen.com.au

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