134: Side Hustle Spotlight: How This Nurse and Mom Started a Six-Figure Lice Treatment Clinic


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Today in the guest chair we have a new edition of Side Hustle Pro—Side Hustle Spotlights!

We are talking to a certified side hustler who is still a side hustler and we are going to find out how and why she got started, how she’s making it work, and squeeze all types of advice out of her.

Her name is Timika Downes, she is a Nurse, who is pursuing financial independence by saving over 50% of her income with a family in tow, and she started a 6 figure side hustle when she opened her Lice Treatment Clinic in Boston. She treats all races, all textures of hair, in this clinic. She also fun fact, has a blog and Podcast about the FIRE movement (which we will talk about in this episode) and she is one of my Podcast Moguls students. So excited to have you Timika in the guest chair.

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