151: She Quit Her Job On A Whim and Now She’s the Owner of A Successful Home Staging Business


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Today in the guest chair we have Kyndra Outlaw. Kyndra is the Founder of Atmospheric Home Staging located in Dallas, Texas. Atmospheric Home Staging specializes in vacant home staging creating lifestyle environments with a competitive advantage.

Originally from Starkville, MS, Kyndra graduated from The University of Memphis and then went on to graduate with a Master’s of Science in Merchandising degree from the University of North Texas.

She began her career at a home furnishings company in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area as a visual merchandiser and product developer. She quit her job on a whim in July 2016 and has been an entrepreneur since. When not running Atmospheric Home Staging, Kyndra is a freelance visual merchandiser and an Adjunct Professor in the College of Merchandising, Hospitality & Tourism at The University of North Texas.

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