#390: Gil Carvalho MD, PhD – Dairy, Olive Oil & Diet Debates: Understanding Evidence


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Gil Carvalho, MD PhD is a medical doctor, research scientist, science communicator. Dr. Carvalho trained as a medical doctor in the University of Lisbon, in his native Portugal, and later obtained a PhD in Biology from Caltech (California Institute of Technology). He has published peer-reviewed medical research spanning the fields of genetics, molecular biology, nutrition, behaviour, aging and neuroscience. In this episode we discuss:
  • Dairy: is it over-emphasized in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans?
  • Dairy tolerance
  • Critical importance of substitution effects
  • Differences between difference types of dairy on health
  • Claims by some WFPB advocates that olive oil can negatively impact endothethial function
  • Distinguishing between acute and chronic effects
  • Gil's work with Antonio Damasio on feelings
Show notes: https://sigmanutrition.com/episode190

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