#8 Moulage Basics


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Join us for a quick review of moulage pigments and application methods in the first episode of a multi-part moulage series.

This episode dives into several pigment based makeups that we enjoy using ranging in price from a few bucks up to the professional level products. Application methods are also covered at a variety of price points from cotton swabs to airbrushing.

Think we missed something? Let us know your tips, tricks or opinions on moulage!

The review:

This is the quick and dirty version. There is MUCH more to talk about. Just a quick couple notes to go with what we went over in the show.

    • Safety - Never takes a vacation (Thank you Thingergy)
      • Your safety - Is key. Don’t underestimate it.
      • Role-Players
        • Cold concrete can cause Hypothermia even in 90+ degrees
        • Emotional Safety is important. Explain everything
      • Impalements - Dont strap unsafe items to people
      • Allergies - Why would you even take a chance? Don’t chance someone’s health
      • Don’t double dip/Cross Contamination - Especially Cream and RMG
      • Buy from reputable sources.
      • https://www.frendsbeauty.com/frends-with-benefits-registration
    • Learning objectives are all that matter
    • Don’t be afraid to say no! (amputations) - Don’t “Hide the leg” if the treatment pathway is the same, go with less materials, and time.

  • Possible upcoming video on some of this to support an upcoming conference - keep an eye out


  • Cream makeup - Ben Nye, Mehron, Etc. Good but transfers. Good around eyes
    • You can thin with Isopropyl Alcohol to make washes
  • RMG - Rubber Mask Grease Paint - Cream with castor oil - Sticks well to latex
  • Alcohol Paints - Not cheap, but AWESOME. Doesn’t transfer when dry.
    • Skin Illustrator, EBA, Reel Creations
  • Tinsley Studios Makes great stuff!

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