SAMPC 166: Six Knuckles Deep


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The Compound is back up and running so Adam and Bobby are back at it again!! they go OFFF over the new abortion laws for Alabama and Georgia, and leave it to the Game of Thrones series finale for Bobby to finally learn and understand the characters names.. well, okay.. 3 of the characters. John Wick is the baddest motherfucker on Earth. and like we told you 120 episodes ago: a certain sparkly vampire will become the newest batman! #Batstradamus ⭕️ SAMPC is available exclusively on the Inner Circle Podcast Network ⭕️ THIS EPISODE AND EVERY EPISODE OF SAMPC IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE POWER OF @JITZSOAP go to and use the codeword SAMPC for 15% your next purchase! don’t be a stinky bitch! SAMPC is also sponsored by OhFishl Clothing! OhFishl is a DOPE clothing brand from Arizona that blends both modern fashion with throwback style. whether you wanna it’s stylish ass t-shirt’s,accessories like brackets and necklaces or the hottest snapbacks in the game! get it at OHFISHL.COM RIGHT NOW AND USE THE CODEWORD “SAMPC” FOR 25% YOUR PURCHASE! hey if you like listening to podcasts, and wanna make some money doing it check out PODCOIN! you can find our show there, and many others like it! raise some money for charity or earn enough coin for an Amazon gift card! download Podcoin TODAY!!

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