Gigi Butler - The Secret Ingredient: Recipes For Success In Business and Life


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When you think about it, most every business started small. And they usually started with one person, two or three if they were lucky. And that business owner had to wear a number of hats. They had to figure out how to work on the business at the same time that they were working in the business.

And that business owner has to learn a lot of lessons as that business grows. Lessons around providing the customer experience, lessons around leading their people, lessons around when and how to make impactful decisions.

That’s why I’m excited to be talking with Gigi Butler in this episode.

Gigi is the founder of the largest cupcake franchise in the world - Gigi’s Cupcakes. And she’s the author of The Secret Ingredient: Recipes for Success In Business and Life. Today, Gigi’s a highly sought-after speaker where she gives her inspirational and entrepreneurial lessons.

Gigi and I discuss her lessons from growing her business as well as creating a consistent customer experience.

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