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Being humans (unlike the robots some people think we are), programmers are emotional creatures too. Today I would like to discuss with you why you should learn how to control your emotions as a programmer, and some skills you must develop to improve this master skill. First, jobs and tasks that are given to us as programmers (or ones we assign ourselves) often involve high levels of logical thinking and reasoning. Most programming is a purely logical task. We do not want emotions to come and take us off the logical path. When emotions come into play, it can take a decision that should be 100 percent logical and make it part emotional and part logical. In some cases it can be even worse: it can take a fully logical decision and make it fully emotional. Take a look at this example: Bob, the senior engineer, is in charge of building out the payment system for Antonio Inc.’s backend. His part of the application is due at the end of the week, but he just heard that his girlfriend of three years cheated on him. This sends him into an emotional downward spiral. This causes him to lose focus at work, make poor engineering decisions (like not making a fully secure payment system), and makes him procrastinate, finishing his piece of the backend. If he were purely logical in his decision-making, he would have been able to focus with no problem, and Bob would be able to make the proper sustainable engineering decisions necessary to support the application over the long term. However, if he kept making poor decisions, this could potentially affect his future at the company. This is a situation in which emotional control is crucial for success in your career as a programmer. #softskills #developer #programming If you can learn to take control of your emotions and not let your emotions control you, then you can spend way more time producing and being a happier programmer and person overall.

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