003: Solving Pain Points with SAP Solutions


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SIMPLIFY: Solving Pain Points with SAP Solutions

Simplify is SAP’s show where we talk with our partners about how they work with small and mid-market companies to help them simplify business processes.

Here’s an overview of our conversation with Tomas Fertig, shareholder and CEO of Seidor USA, a SAP partner who sells SAP products and services. Tomas is responsible for the US subsidiary.

How many of your companies are small to mid-sized businesses?

After 35 years of business, Seidor has a 7,000+ client history and most of them are small to mid-sized businesses. There are some larger companies, but the foundation of Seidor is small to medium-sized businesses.

What value does a SAP partner bring to customers?

SAP develops the software (i.e. IP and solutions) and Seidor finds the solutions and adaptive ways to bring business processes to the reality of each company. Seidor’s role involves helping the customer adopt the SAP applications by understanding best practices so the client can use best processes and an effective implementation strategy.

Each company has their own value and unique identifiers. Seidor makes sure the customer remains unique while also implementing the best processes gained from lessons learned.

Who are Seidor’s customers?

In 7,000+ customers, Seidor’s customers are mostly private industries, including manufacturing and distribution companies. Within those industries, there are also general and growing businesses who have high ambitions to become bigger.

What are the pain points for your customer?

Digital transformation means that everyone needs IT; it’s not an option anymore. That means companies need to have all of their company information together in one solution. Businesses need to be in the cloud – they need to be digitally transformed.

Integration is always a problem because many companies are islands of information that need to unite in a complete solution that merges design, subcontractors, timelines, stock available, accounting, and many other parts of the whole.

Having one solution for the whole business is the catalyst for growth rather than internal solutions inhibiting growth. The market doesn’t wait for you to make decisions. The client needs everything in one place to make a holistic decision.

What are the solutions Seidor works with?

Cloud solutions are the main priority.

There are 4 SAP products to handle a variety of complexities.

  1. SAP Anywhere –smallest application; omnichannel solution that allows you to sell through a shop/point of sale; manage inventory; handle simple business process,
  2. Business ByDesign – cloud solution for complete ERP; includes CRM and business intelligence; accounting; warehouse + production,
  3. Business One –complete ERP; handles the back office; complete ERP, and
  4. S/4Hana –the powerhouse product used by large companies that handle any complexities; memory + database.

Seidor implements one solution and helps the client integrate as they grow in the future.

To connect with Seidor, visit www.seidor.com.

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