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Do your negative thoughts race faster than Usain Bolt? Do you wish you were calmer, kinder, or more focused? Would you like to meditate, but just don’t think you have time? If you answered yes, then this episode of Simplify is for you.

Dan Harris might be best known for his reporting on ABC News, Nightline, and the weekend edition of Good Morning America, but in recent years, this hard-nosed newsman has been helping fidgety skeptics like himself tap into the many benefits of meditation.

To kick off Season 5 of Simplify—our beloved author interview podcast—Dan Harris busts misconceptions about and common barriers to meditation so that you can make it a practice that you can start today and finish in just a minute—no gongs, lotus pose, or flowing white robes required!

For more info, including links to everything discussed in the episode, check out this link: https://www.blinkist.com/magazine/posts/simplify-meditation-dan-harris

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