Simplify’s 2017 Sampler Episode


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What’s better than getting to the heart of a great idea? Getting to the heart of seven great ideas in under 40 minutes—which is exactly what happens in this best-of episode.

Hear from Simplify Season 1 and 2’s most beloved guests, including Seth Godin, David Allen, Dan Savage, Jaclyn Friedman, Ryan Holiday, and more. And stick around after the last interview’s rolled to hear hosts Ben Schuman-Stoler and Caitlin Schiller share a very special Bookend—plus some quality overshares from their lives.

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Quick reminder: Great news: Simplify will be back! In preparation for Season 3, we’re collecting your voices. We’d love to hear how you answer one of the questions we always ask our guests: “What have you discovered was much simpler than you initially thought it was?” Just record your answer with a voice memo app of your choice and then email it to us at

If you want to say hi to Ben and Caitlin in the meantime, you can find them on Twitter: @bsto and @caitlinschiller. Let them know what you're reading!

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