Journey Of Attachment The Mental Blockages That Keep You Safe

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Insecure attachment doesn’t just show up in relationships (although it seems to dominate in this area!). It creates issues in all aspects of our lives, and resistance to change keeps us stuck in it. Moving out of our comfort zone and taking emotionally-inspired action is frightening. This is true for everyone, but particularly for those with insecure attachment because we fear vulnerability and don’t trust ourselves. The more resistance we have, the more fear builds. And that fear becomes harder to overcome, so we feel even more stuck (fun, huh?). Instead of taking emotional action, we think we can figure things out in our head, strategizing our way out. This leads absolutely nowhere. Trust me, I tried it for years. Actually, it’s even worse than nowhere because you drive yourself nuts in the process, not understanding why all that mental energy has zero effect. You can see how this cycle of resistance, fear and strategizing can take up all your headspace and focus. It’s exhausting, but your subconscious likes it because it keeps you safely away from change. Unfortunately it does nothing for an authentic and joyful life. I’ve covered many different aspects of attachment and its effects, but it all comes down to breaking through resistance and taking emotionally-inspired action. There must be an openness, walking full frontal into your fear. Until you do, you will repeat the same patterns and believe you have no power to change. You absolutely DO have the power, though. Thinking otherwise is just an excuse to keep you stuck. Isn’t it time you get out of your own way and take action toward the life you want?!

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