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Pete and Emmy speng a good chunk of time going through a bunch of the podcasts that have helped them get their heads around healthy living. Who’s Who in the Health Podcast world

Start Here and Why

Primary Blueprint” - Mark Sisson iTunes/GooglePlay

Where Em got started. Great books

From Maine!!! Was going to med school but became elite athlete instead

Fat-Burning Man” - Abel James iTunes/GooglePlay

Personal Stories (often good for inspiration when starting)

The Obesity Code Podcast” - Jason Fung iTunes/GooglePlay

Two Keto Dudes” - Carl Franklin and Richard Morris iTunes/GooglePlay

The Ketoevagalist” - Brian Williamson iTunes/GooglePlay

Episode 113 - interview with Megan Ramos iTunes/GooglePlay


Jimmie Moore's podcasts (livin la vida low carb, Fasting Talk, Keto Talk)

Wrote Keto Clarity, Cholesterol Clarity

Most Scientific based

Found My Fitness” Dr. Rhonda Patrick iTunes/GooglePlay

PhD in biomedical science, emphasis on genetics

Stem Talk” Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition iTunes/GooglePlay

Hosts: Dawn Kernagis and Ken Ford

Some of the smartest people in the world in this space

“All the phDs!!”

For Women (or anyone)

The Keto Diet Podcast” Leanne Vogel iTunes/GooglePlay

Well Fed Women” - Noelle Tarr & Stefani Ruper iTunes/GooglePlay

Optimize your Life AND health

The Tim Ferriss ShowiTunes/GooglePlay

Optimizing your life and health. A range of subjects

Interviews some of the most successful people in their field in the world

Bullet Proof Radio” - Dave Asprey iTunes/GooglePlay

Made bank in startup world. Reclaimed health. Founded bulletproof coffee

Professional “bio-hacker”

Revolution Health Radio” - Chris Kressor - iTunes

Mostly on Functional Medicine / not just nutrition


“The Ketogenic AthleteiTunes/GooglePlay

Primal Endurance" - Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns iTunes/GooglePlay

NO PODCAST BUT lead researchers

Dr. Peter Attia (surgical oncologist turn health researchers)

Dr. Satchin Panda (sleep specialist focusing on the role of circadian rhythm) Saulk Institute!!!!

(these are the people that are lecturing for my fellowship)

Dr. Jeff Volek (physician and founder of Virta”

Dr. Steven Phinney (phD in nutritional biochemistry from MIT)

Dr. Eric Westman

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