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This is one of the best conversations on the internet. Share it now if you want to mainstream the awakening. This is Ep 3 featuring Michael Shermer Ep 2 ► https://bit.ly/ShermerEp2 Ep 1 ► https://bit.ly/ShermerEp1 Dr. Michael Shermer is Founder of The Skeptics Society with 55,000 members, EIC of its magazine Skeptic, 214x Monthly Columnist for Scientific American from 2001-2019, Presidential Fellow at Chapman University Teaching Skepticism 101, and a 16x Author with several NYT Bestsellers, most recently The Moral Arc, Heavens on Earth, & Giving The Devil His Due. https://michaelshermer.com https://skeptic.com https://scientificamerican.com/author/michael-shermer Twitter ► https://twitter.com/michaelshermer TED ► https://ted.com/speakers/michael_shermer The Moral Arc ► http://bit.ly/MoralArc Heavens on Earth ► http://bit.ly/HeavensEarth Giving The Devil His Due ► https://bit.ly/DevilHisDue Our First Book ► https://highlevelperception.com SHOW NOTES 📝 0:00 Intro 0:36 This is Ep3. Ep1 & Ep2 links in bio. 1:10 Giving the Devil His Due is Shermer's newest book 2:20 Future of Education is Democratization, Personalization, XR, Neuralink 3:30 Interview feat. Kogi Elder Mama Nuiyuan ► https://bit.ly/KogiEp1 4:35 First principle question: "Why Does Reality Exist?" 6:34 2020 Nobel Winner in Physics Sir Roger Penrose believes in Cyclic Cosmology 7:54 Paradigm change from Linear & Finite to Eternal & Infinite 11:15 Perennial Spirituality: God is Our Awareness Exploring Infinity 15:12 Pragmatic Spirituality. Measuring Increases in Wellbeing. 17:54 Enlightenment locks in a Vibe that is Transcendent & Present. 19:18 Enlightenment is embodied knowledge of maximizing planetary wellbeing. 20:35 Jordan Peterson Heaven/Hell = Sam Harris Wellbeing/Suffering 21:08 Mythic / Metaphorical Truths. Examples: "Heaven/Hell." & "Treat every gun like it's loaded." 22:17 "Having scientific perspective cleans out dogmatic religious nonsense." 23:02 "Sentience suffering is our moral starting point." 25:51 Why can't everything be special? 28:00 The Sorting Algorithm "Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater." 28:15 Perverse Incentives: (Spirituality) Dogmas, Fundamentalism (Science) Sokal Affair, Grievance Studies 29:53 Uplift the Babies & Synthesize: (Spirituality) Hierophany (Science) Scientific Method 30:30 Biometrics of Awakening: Scientifically Literate Acceleration of Enlightenment 31:44 EEG, fMRI, NIRS, HRV, Microbiome, for Quantified Biometrics 34:53 Chopra Center, IONS, HeartMath, Biohacking, shattering perverse incentives of Medical Industrial Complex 37:04 Shermer: "You're taking the woo-woo out of spirituality." 37:30 JP's Future Authoring = Napoleon Hill/Tony Robbins/Joe Dispenza = The Secret (Manifesting) 40:24 Religion = baby step toward 'True Spirituality.' Perennial Mystic Traditions = different flavors of Ice Cream. 42:47 Pragmatic Spirituality = decreased suffering + increased wellbeing 43:28 Delphic Maxim: "Know Thyself." What does that mean? 44:13 Self-Realization (Unity of All Being/Existence) Self-Actualization (Artistic Expression) 44:37 Science proves interdependence of all life: photosynthesis, cellular respiration, hydrological cycle, gut symbiosis 46:06 Perforated/Porous person vs person with Red Box around their Head. 47:00 Self-Realization (One Infinite Creator) Self-Actualization (Self-Help, North Star) 48:25 Sciences and Humanities go together 49:26 Eckhart Tolle "The Power of Now" 52:25 Top Themes of Human Condition appear persistently in novels 53:33 Hypothesis on the Nature of Consciousness (Integration & Derivation) 55:37 Explaining the profundity of ELI5 visualization of complex concepts like Pixar's Inside Out 56:47 The Medium of the Future: XR Education 57:57 Reflect on your own Qualitative Experiences of Sentience 58:20 "VR Education Company teaching kids how to access their consciousness." 59:00 Pragmatic Spirituality. Scientific, Humanistic, Rational: Maximizing Wellbeing & Prosperity.

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