My Heroic Dose of Psilocybin


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Psychonautic log of my first Heroic Dose of Psilocybin. What is reality? What is it? Describe it. Try. Medium Post ► Our First Book ► SHOW NOTES 📝 0:00 Intro 0:50 5:35 PM Intentions & Dosing 1:46 6:15 PM Brain Connections Amplifying Brain Connections Study ► How to Change Your Mind ► Michael Pollan Interview ► 3:18 6:45 PM Psilocybin Healing my Body The Body Keeps the Score ► 4:29 7:01 PM What is reality I ask you? 5:04 7:06 PM Try to make sense of your reality. Why do you exist? 5:35 7:16 PM Dig back far enough in your awareness 5:54 7:36 PM One Infinite Creator unfolding endlessly 6:45 7:46 PM You are it. A new character is birthed. 9:10 7:54 PM Capture celebs in LA recalling the nature of reality 10:30 8:07 PM You're an expression of God Rupert Spira ► Bentinho Massaro ► 12:27 Truth & Breath exercise 16:53 Self-Realization is inward, Self-Actualization is outward 19:25 Balance between melting inward & expressing outward 23:16 9:00 PM Describe it, try. It is both inward peace & exterior artistry. 24:57 What do you not even know that you carry with you? Iceberg analogy 28:23 It is just perfect. There is no lack. 31:33 Meet the basic needs so the individual can solo. 34:43 9:54 PM Where are you at? Where doesn't exist. 38:06 What is reality? Breath, butterflies, cars, and USA-China geopolitics. Children are reality. Adults are corporate. 38:52 10:40 PM Individual flowers through nonduality as expression of it Alex Grey's Art ► COSM ► 42:05 11:00 PM The enigma is to realize nonduality and play your solo in it 44:20 11:42 PM Celebrating with hot shower, food, gratitude 44:34 Why I published this, celebrating MAPS, healing & awakening Mainstreaming Entheogens ► Rick Doblin Interview ► 47:42 Calling for entheogenic experience before final HLP publication 49:18 Biomimicing mycorrhizal networks, fungal intelligence pulsates through body Suzanne Simard's TED Talk ► Skin in the Game ► 51:40 Publishing HLP, a perfect holiday gift for science + spirit ELI5 awakening 52:19 Highest gratitude to Sky & Sunny of The Healing Hustlas Skyra OfEarth Interview ► Sunny Brown Interview ► The Healing Hustlas ► 52:46 Thanking my Mother for the foundation she laid for me to achieve my goals 53:50 Sri Aurobindo & 'The Mother' Mirra Alfassa Integral Yoga Synthesis ► 55:50 Kilindi Iyi's 40 years of Entheogenic Experience Kilindi Iyi Talk ► 59:07 Outro, thank you, comment, share, awaken

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