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Expose Misunderstandings Unsubscribe from 'separate self' Ending of thought reveals this understanding Creates release, expansion, self-realization, piercing the veil Meditation = Liberation from Separation Meditation = cessation of monkey mind (clouds) to remember I Am (sky) Yogas citta vritti nirodhah Union = consciousness waves quiet JUST LIKE DEEP SLEEP RELAX YOUR CONTRACTED FIST Screen/Paper Analogy Transparent Consciousness Eternally Colored Consciousness is One & Infinite Consciousness expresses itself as every experience. The Thrill, Delight, Fireworks, of Creative Modulations (waves) of Infinite Consciousness (ocean) ETERNAL ART SHOW Modulations of Love/Light Consciousness THE NOW is the SUBSTANCE & CONTAINER of ALL EXPERIENCE INFINITE EXPLORATION JUST BE NOW LOVE THE UNFOLDING JOURNEY LOVE & ACCEPT YOUR CLOUD MODULATIONS RECOGNIZE YOUR SELF AS THE SKY ETERNAL BLISS-PEACE COLORED BY EXPERIENCE You're already diamond, yet it remains for you to recognize it. Seeking is a sugar cube that dissolves in consciousness Piercing the Veil = Ego & Seeking Dissolution One experience of Witnessing Consciousness rather than '10,000 things.' Rupert's Website ► Books ► Our First Book ► Welcome ✌🏽 We Uncover The Nature of Reality 1 Interview Smart People 2️ Synthesize First Principles 3️ Elevate Planetary Consciousness ⭐ 🧬 Find Us Everywhere YouTube ► 👀 SOCIAL Instagram ► Twitter ► Facebook ► LinkedIn ► Telegram ► 🎧 AUDIO iTunes ► Spotify ► SoundCloud ► Insight Timer ► 💰SUPPORT PayPal ► Patreon ► Crypto ► 🇨🇳 CHINA BiliBili ► 👕 MERCH Yoobe ► 🎤 PUBLIC SPEAKING All Videos ► TEDx Talk ► Questioning Growth ► 1,000 Robotics Students ► Instagram ► Twitter ► ❓ QUESTIONS 📹 HIRING List ► Email ►

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