Wahdat al-Wujud — The Unity of All Finding


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When I first learned this my nervous system went into shock. "The Sum of All Unveiling and Finding." I used to think it just meant "The Unity of All Being/Existence." My perception was upgraded by William Chittick and the Ibn 'Arabi Society. https://ibnarabisociety.org/presence-with-god-william-chittick Sufi Mystics are a very under-appreciated school of enlightenment. I know here in the West we occasionally quote Rumi and that's about it. Read these and tell me they don't profoundly shake you alive: "Infinite and never-ending self-disclosures of God." "All light is one but colors a thousandfold." "The water takes on the color of the cup." “Wherever you turn, there is the face of God.” "Know yourself and you shall know your Lord." "Only when the 'other' vanishes is there union." "Above all, what you need is high morals." "No one is more ignorant than he who seeks God. However, it remains for you to recognize Him." Our First Book ► https://highlevelperception.com SHOW NOTES 📝 0:00 Sufism = Mystic school of Islam 0:40 Mystic = Becoming One with God 1:20 Old Definition: "The Unity of Being/Existence" 2:28 New Definition: "The Unity of All Finding" 3:53 Why I find this to be profound 5:55 My nervous system went into shock, I leveled up 7:45 Humans are Diamonds forming under intense temperature & pressure 9:40 Clearer Definition: "The Sum of All Unveiling and Finding" 10:51 Each human undergoes unique process of union (yoga) to "Know Thyself" 12:28 If you don't get it, come back to the video in a year, you'll understand it more 13:33 "The water takes on the color of the cup." -Junayd 14:13 The Divine Epiphany is received in limitless combinations 15:25 Another Definition: "Summation of Limitless Combinations of Unveiling and Finding" 16:27 Feel into each sentient agent undergoing their own unique union 17:25 How this Augments Ch 9 Consciousness 20:07 Visualize 8 billion humans having Diamond Cameos 23:24 8 billion conscious agents undergoing their unique unveiling and finding 25:56 The highest folk have found God and anchor it on Earth 28:00 Scientific explanation of Unity of Being/Existence for the skeptics 29:29 Do you identify as a porous being? or with a box around your head? 31:31 We are the One Infinite Creator expressing itself, our awareness never ends 33:55 Contact our community for help with steps up the ladder of Self-Realization 35:20 Wujud is not just there to be found, it also FINDS. Complex System + Attractor. 37:53 Our whole problem is that God is with us, but we are not with Him. 39:46 The Direct Path, reflect on your awareness. Best Teachers: Rupert Spira ► https://bit.ly/SpiraYouTube Bentinho Massaro ► https://bit.ly/MirrorTalks1 41:47 Be high on existence 24/7. Supplement with meditation, neurofeedback, entheogens. 42:40 Hadra = He is with us. Hudur = Achievement of the vision of God's presence 44:17 Presence with God needs to be achieved (yoga). 46:00 Hadra = Domain. Hudur = Presence. Ghayba = Absence. Degrees of Presence & Absence. 48:03 Everything is always finding, always perfect. Use free will to self-realize, diamond cameo faster. 50:05 Infinite Self-Disclosure, Self-Unveiling, There is No Lack, One Infinite Creator Exploring 52:00 "No one is more ignorant than he who seeks God. However it remains for you to recognize Him." 52:52 "He who is certain of emergence will never seek ascent." 53:26 “Wherever you turn, there is the face of God.” 53:44 "Gnostics recognize their own nature as the infinite and never-ending self-disclosures of God." 55:17 "All light is one but colors a thousandfold." 55:45 Simultaneity is Key. Spiritual + Physical. Nondual + Individual. Symphony + Solo. 57:48 "Diversity in Oneness is the Mathematics of the Infinite." -Sri Aurobindo & The Mother 58:12 "I saw you through myself and found we were identical. Now I blush to think I ever searched for signs of you."

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