Single Malt Strategy 52: Shadow Empire Interview with Victor Reijkersz


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In this special interview episode the gang sits down with the founder of VR Designs, Victor Reijkersz, the developer behind the upcoming 4X strategy game Shadow Empire. The beginning of the episode we dive into their previous line of games like the award winning Decisive Campaigns & Advance Tactics. The core of the episode focuses on their upcoming game Shadow Empires which is bound to surpass all their previous successes as it is an innovative & deluxe strategy game set in a post apocalyptic sci-fi future where you pick up the pieces of a fallen empire. Wishlist The Game: YouTube Matrix Games / VR Designs -> TortugaPower -> The Historical Gamer -> The Strategy WarGamer -> Twitter VR Designs -> @VRDesigns The Strategy Wargamer -> @strategywargamr TortugaPower -> @TortugaPowerYT The Historical Gamer -> @historicalgamer

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