137 - Isabelle Silbery on becoming a single mum and the power of giving (Part 2)


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Isabelle Silbery is my guest on this week’s episode. Isabelle stars in Gogglebox (7.30pm Wednesdays on Foxtel's Lifestyle Channel and Thursdays 8.30pm on Channel Ten) and is, of course, an amazing single mum.

This is Part two of a two-part series. In Part 1 (episode 136) Isabelle chatted with me about the relationship she had with her ex-husband and how it ended. Isabelle fell madly in love early on in the relationship with her ex-husband and the relationship moved forward quite quickly. Her wedding was the fairytale she could only ever imagine. And soon after they had a beautiful little boy. Red flags started showing when her son was quite young. But it was a huge shock when her husband told her that he didn't love her anymore. But despite that, and to her surprise, he wanted to stay in the relationship with her. Isabelle eventually found the strength to ask him to leave because she knew she deserved to be in a mutually loving relationship, not only for herself but also for her son and the relationship she wanted to model for him.

Isabelle and I talked about how the relationship evolved and eventually ended, what it was like for her having an unsupportive partner, how she dealt with the break-up, and so much more.

In this episode (Part 2) we talk about:

  • How life changed for Isabelle as a single mum and what her co-parenting situation looked like in the early days.
  • How she dealt with being a single mum in the early days.
  • Getting past the shame of being a single mum, being open and honest about her emotions, and how her village helped support her.
  • How she dealt with her ex moving on so quickly.
  • How she deals with co-parenting now and about the relationship she has with her ex now.
  • How giving to others is a form of self-care for Isabelle and how it's helped her find her identity again and her purpose.
  • Making the most of child-free time, and embracing it.
  • Isabelle's advice for new single mums.
  • Benefits of becoming a single mum.
  • What’s in store for the future.
  • So much more!

Isabelle is such a kind, genuine, beautiful, giving and inspiring woman. This episode is a MUST LISTEN!

Julia x

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