172 - Travelling the world as a single mum, with Evie Farrell (mumpack travel)


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When her daughter was six, Evie Farrell left her corporate job, packed up her house, and embarked upon a two and half year backpacking adventure travelling around the globe. Evie is a single mum, inspiring people all over the world to travel with their kids. She runs the travel blog and Instagram account Mumpack Travel and is the author of the book Backyard to Backpack.

In this episode, Evie chats about:

  • Her relationship with her ex and how it came to end.
  • Hanging on to hope in a bad relationship.
  • How her ex leaving her was the best thing that happened for both her ex and her.
  • How sometimes when a relationship ends, the people you thought were friends are lost, but how it can also lead to the rekindling of other friendships.
  • What inspired her to leave Sydney and start travelling the world with her daughter Emmie.
  • Homeschooling and travel.
  • Getting robbed in Spain.
  • Dealing with trolls.
  • Dealing with different safety standards in foreign countries.
  • How travelling changed her.
  • How travelling taught her daughter about confidence, and how it has opened her mind to be accepting and aware of the world and different cultures and religions.
  • Travelling with kids of different ages.
  • Plus LOTS LOTS more.

Evie also shares her favourite thing about being a single mum and her advice for any single mum keen to travel with kids.

You will absolutely LOVE this episode and the inspiration that Evie provides.

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