175 - Krystal's single mum story (Part 2)


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Krystal was with her partner for seven years. They were inseparable. Krystal thought they were going to get married, have lots of children, and be together forever.

When her daughter was just three months old, and her son was a toddler she discovered her partner's secret - he was living a double life. And that is when her whole world was turned upside down.

This episode is a continuation from last week. In last week's episode, Krystal shared her story with us. In this week's episode, the story continues. We chat about the aftermath:

  • How she lifted herself up again.
  • Loving her body again.
  • Still breastfeeding after everything she went through.
  • Celebrating the little things.
  • Dating and what she looks for in a new relationship.
  • Grief and the importance of feeling the pain and not escaping from it.
  • The importance of "me-time".
  • Losing her faith and finding it again.
  • How she separated herself from seeing her ex-partner as just that, and instead, seeing him as the father of her children.
  • Confronting the other woman.
  • Loneliness and self-soothing.
  • Co-parenting.
  • Experiencing the joy of being in her own presence.
  • Her goals.
  • Being open to experiences, having eyes wide open, and not seeing things as coincidences but rather as signs from the Universe.

Krystal talks about how she now sees what happened as a blessing. She also shares her advice for new single mums, as well as the best things about being a single mum. Krystal is a true inspiration, and it's so nice seeing her story end in such a positive way.

This is Part 2 of a two-part episode. Part 1 can be listened to HERE.

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