179 - My son saved me (part 1)


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The first time my guest was hit by her partner, they were driving to the supermarket. She ended up with a broken nose and a black eye. They had been together for 6 months.

Over the following years, my guest would go from being an outgoing, creative, vibrant, excitable woman to someone she didn't recognise.

In this week's episode, my anonymous guest tells her story. She tells us about how every time her partner physically hurt her, the love-bombing would start again, how apologetic he would be, about the affairs that he had, and about how every time she called him out on his unacceptable behaviour, she would get physically attacked; strangled, pushed...her head cut open. And the cycle would start again.

She tells us about how ultimately, her then two-year-old son literally saved her life.

She also discusses:

  • Co-parenting with the father of her son, and how that has evolved over the years.
  • The beautiful bond that she has with her son, and teaching him about good relationships.
  • And how she has been gifted an opportunity to raise a next-generation great man.

This is Part 1 of a two-part episode. Part 2 can be listened to next week.

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