214 - Stacey's single mum story


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Stacey was 18 years old and homeless when she met her (now ex) husband. He played the rescuer but over time she began to see his manipulative tendencies, and the strength that she gained over the 12 years she was with him started to threaten him.

Throughout the relationship, she was also dealing with an undiagnosed mental illness - borderline personality disorder, and drug addiction.

Four years ago she hit rock bottom. Her love for her son saved from suicide that night and that resulted in her getting help the very next day. Since then she has completely turned her life around and also remarried.

In this episode, Stacey shares her story.

We also talk about:

  • How her undiagnosed mental illness and toxic relationship affected her son.
  • Mum guilt.
  • The childhood trauma she endured and how that affected her core beliefs and the way in which she parents.
  • And so much more.

Stacey also shares some brilliant advice for other single mums and her favourite things about being a single mum.

Stacey is a true inspiration, and I hope you love this episode!

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