116: Sex does not matter


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People tend to associate sex with having a good relationship. But have you also thought that it’s possible to have a good relationship and love someone wholeheartedly even if you haven’t had sex with that person yet?

In this episode, Johnny talks about why sex matters and why it doesn’t. He also shares the worst part when you’re having sex out of order and how sex won’t bring you closer to finding that man who deeply cares and respects you.

Of course, you’d want to have amazing hot sex, but you don’t want it with just anyone. You want to do it with the man who’s also going to be a good husband and father to your children.

Listen on as you learn when sex matters and when it doesn’t!

In this episode we talked about:

- Why sex does not matter

- When does sex matter?

- The worst part that can happen when you’re having sex out of order

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