109: True Crime. The Stabbing of Actress Theresa Saldana w/ Blonde UNFILTERED Podcast


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Theresa Saldana, known for roles from The Commish & Raging Bull, was stalked by Arthur Richard Jackson from Aberdeen, Scotland. He became obsessed with her after seeing her in movies and obtained her address by private investigator. This crime later helped inspire the killer of Rebecca Schaeffer. In broad daylight, he approached her with a 5 1/2/-inch knife and stabbed so many times, the blade bent.

(Sipping Some Pop Culture) "The Jules Cosmo".
Before Jules Wainstein from Real Housewives of New York was arrested recently, Carrie & Jess discussed the contentious divorce between Jules & her husband Michael.

Music Playlist.
SoCal Stoners, Pimps & Gangsters
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