Building Healthy Family Relationships


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Keepin it in the familyWe all have a dysfunctional family in some way shape or form. The family that argues with one another, that fights each other, and slights another. To say that my family is perfect would be a bold faced lie, sometimes I wonder if we're all really related. I Love them to death but sometimes certain actions that make you question the relationship. When I think of family, the word that comes to mind is 'loyalty'. Having your back, even when you're wrong but telling you in private. Being able to call on them when you're in a rut or just to have someone to talk to. One thing about my family that I enjoyed was being able to get together for Family reunions, cookouts, vacations, everything that screamed family, family ,family and have a genuinely good time.Now-a-days, it seems impossible to get everyone under one roof, or at least to let everyone know when something is going on. But again, we all suffer from having a dysfunctional family. I have noticed that in many families, they have disputes and go months and years without speaking to one another, to see each other in public and act as if they don't exist. I never understood how this was ever okay! Families, like all other relationships going through their ups and downs but you always end up kissing and making up. At least for the sane folk!But how can you build or continue building healthy family relationships:1). Time together: Spend time with your family, and really give them your undivided attention. I know that we all have a life and we like to stay connected, but what is staying glue to your phone or being distracted with minor things to sharing memories and having great conversation. Tomorrow isn't promised, so it's better to stay connected and find ways of reaching out to one another. It's as simple as sending a text "Hope you're having a good day, I love you!" That can change the dynamic of ones relationship to another. It is the absence that speaks distance, make family a priority. It isn't always easy, it can be hard work to meet everyone's needs. There are numerous generations within a family, and it is paramount to lead by example when it comes to the children of the family. They should be able to see what love looks like from within. From their families is where they first experience love, emotions and dysfunction.2). Separate work and family life: It is so easy to become caught up in a world where you are taking your work home and all you are thinking about is work, work, work. We often forget to switch off from work, and this can even include household chores, caring for a family member, working in an office or organization we don't realize that you have just stepped into another role and it isn't manager, or supervisor. It's mother, husband, wife, whatever your roll may be you need to be available to fulfill it. Sometimes our minds do not shut off when it comes to our jobs, but something that may be helpful is to write it down on a sticky not and worry about tomorrow when you get to work. This leaves more time and attention to give to your family.3).Show Respect: Set a good example, or better yet treat others the way you would like to be treated. It is easier for people to listen and accept your view when you communicate in a respectful and caring way. Send clear messages and really listen to understand the opposite person. We have to remember that children are watching, and they should be taught the importance of providing respectful responses.4) Provide support for each other: It is so easy to ignore that phone call or text, and to say I don't feel like talking or assuming that what that person needs isn't important for your time. This may seem like a minimal task but being present and checking in with other family members shows that you are there to provide, comfort, love, and care.I have just given you 4 keys to building healthy family relationships, follow the link to listen in as I go into more details on how you can build stronger family relationships.Like, Comment and Subscribe

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