Ep191 - Miscarriage due to Fibroids and IVF Journey with Shashawn Dublin


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Women with fibroids are much more likely to miscarry during early pregnancy than women without them (14% vs. 7.6%). And if you have multiple or very large fibroids, your chances go up even more.

Today’s guest experienced a miscarriage due to fibroids. With this history and due to her age of 42 she went on to seek a fertility specialist. Shashawn Dublin was recommended to complete IVF and during her first try she became pregnant with twins a boy and a girl. She then experienced excessive bleeding and was rushed to the Emergency Room where they determined she was in labor and began dilation. She lost her twins at 23 weeks and was devastated.

In this episode, Shashawn takes us back on her journey to motherhood, how she is moving forward with her journey to motherhood, and turning her pain into purpose by starting an organization around donor eggs and options to grow families.

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