EP51 - Dareshia Ervin's IVF Success after losing both fallopian tubes and Loving Angel Babies


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In today’s episode we catch up with Episode 15 guest Dareshia Ervin also known as Dee who experienced five miscarriages and lost both her fallopian tubes leaving her completely infertile. Back in Episode 15 she shared how she planned to go through IVF and in today's episode she share's how God fulfilled his promises to her. Dee is currently 29 weeks pregnant with her rainbow baby girl named Zuri, and shares how her IVF experience went, from the daily shots to being declared a normal pregnancy. Dee also shares how she plans to celebrate Zuri and how she is preparing for her birth and motherhood. Today's episode is for your if you are diagnosed infertile and are on the fence about going through IVF or infertility treatments. Dee's story will inspire you on how God will fulfill the promises of your heart if you believe and have faith that it will come to past.

Dareshia Ervin's Bio Loving Angel Babies was founded in March 2016 by Dareshia Ervin who had survived five miscarriages, two being life threatening. During these experiences, she had no one to call on for support who had endured such losses. She decided it was time to break the silence of pregnancy loss by starting a personal blog to share her story.

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