EP97 - Tori Alamaze's Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Journey and Trans Abdominal Cerclage


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Recurrent pregnancy loss is defined as 3 consecutive losses prior to 20 weeks gestation. Today’s guest Tori Alamaze has carried and birth 4 babies, but only has one living child the other 3 babies died due to incompetent cervix and a recurrent pregnancy loss diagnosis. In today’s episode Tori shares her journey to motherhood after receiving vaginal cerclages and having them fail at 24 weeks with her son Issa and at 21 weeks with her boy/girl twins. She knew she needed to research to understand what was happening to her body and she found abbeyloopers.com. From her research she knew she would be a great candidate for a Trans Abdominal Cerclage and in this episode she takes us back on the journey to making the decision to undergo major abdominal surgery prior to conceiving to have her rainbow baby girl. This episode is for you to listen to if you have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss and want to understand more about cerclages and trans abdominal cerclages.

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