How To Lose 80 Pounds Without Surgery and Fad Diets, Episode 145 Cheryl Millington


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Cheryl Millington, also known as “Millie” is a self-employed business owner out of Toronto, Canada. She lives in Toronto with her husband of 30 years and her 27-year-old son. Millie’s weight loss journey began on September 14, 2019, when she weighed in at a whopping 328 pounds!

Millie had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and thyroid condition. In addition, she also had three bulging discs on her neck and back. After being consistently out of breath while climbing one flight of stairs, in her home, Millie had enough! She realized that she had to do something about her health.

Millie comes from a family that is predisposed to obesity primarily on her mother’s side of the family. She shared what her mother went through the last 5 years of her life. She has other family members heading down that same path.

Millie is determined that this will not happen to her. She has the support of her husband and son on this journey. Millie took the initiative and became her own health coach. She changed her eating habits as well as the eating habits of her family. She stopped eating out and decided to cook more at home. She also cut out all fast food and processed foods. Fiber and protein became Millie’s friend.

After losing 50 of the 80 pounds, Millie went back to her doctor for a check-up. To Millie’s satisfaction, her blood pressure and high cholesterol numbers went down dramatically. As far as the pain in her neck and back from the bulging discs, Millie stated that she is now pain-free.

Millie calls herself, “healthiermillie” on various social media platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She is using these platforms to inspire others towards a healthy lifestyle. Who better to learn from than someone who has lost a lot of weight by eating real food and being more active?

The Six Weeks to Fitness podcast will follow-up with Millie and bring you an updated episode of her journey. You can visit Millie’s website at

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