Full Show (All Star Game, Dunk Contest, Patriots + Brady, Stephen Jackson joins the show)


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-On a scale of 1-10, how much did you like the new All Star Game 4th quarter format? (00:15)

-Was Aaron Gordon robbed in the dunk contest? (23:14)

-Do you believe that the Patriots are done with Brady? (48:30)

-Stephen Jackson joins to recap the All Star Game. (1:01:01)

-Skip explains why LeBron James should participate in the dunk contest. (1:13:19)

-Are you surprised that Myles Garrett is still claiming Mason Rudolph used a racial slur against him? (1:23:34)

-Which LA team has the edge down the stretch: Clippers or Lakers? (1:35:36)

-How much of an impact will Antonio Brown’s latest apology to the Steelers really have? (1:46:30)

-Should the NBA add a 1 on 1 tournament to All Star weekend? (1:52:04)

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