Full Show (Andy Reid to blame for Mahomes' injury?, Cowboys/Eagles preview, Kyler Murray vs. Daniel Jones)


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-Is Andy Reid to blame for the QB sneak that led to Patrick Mahomes’ knee injury? (1:00)

-Who will win Sunday night: Cowboys or Eagles? (24:40)

-Does Mahomes’ injury now make the Patriots a lock to win the AFC? (36:31)

-Skip and Shannon break down NBA.com’s list of “best leaders” in the league, topped by Damian Lillard, Steph Curry, and LeBron James. (47:29)

-Eric Dickerson joins to talk about Andy Reid’s role in Patrick Mahomes’ knee injury. (1:01:09)

-Eric Dickerson returns to preview the Cowboys/Eagles upcoming Sunday night game. (1:15:02)

-Which QB will be the best long-term: Kyler Murray or Daniel Jones? (1:28:17)

-Is Tom Brady’s #6 rank on NFL.com’s quarterback index too high or too low? (1:36:47)

-Do you like that Dak Prescott said “I know that we have a great team”? (1:46:20)

-Skip and Shannon discuss the breaking news that Zion Williamson will miss the start of the 2019-20 NBA season with a knee injury. (1:51:55)

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