Full Show (Cowboys drama, Gronk's future, Big Ben/AB, Kobe vs. Shaq, Jon Gruden)


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- Are Cowboys veterans frustrated with Zeke's holdout? (00:17)

- Should we be prepared for a Gronk return this season? (24:14)

- Who looks worse in their dispute: Big Ben or Antonio Brown? (43:17)

- Is Kobe Bryant wrong to call out Shaq's legacy? (53:20)

- Are Zeke's teammates starting to lose patience with his holdout? (1:07:33)

- Has "Hard Knocks" helped or hurt perception of Jon Gruden? (1:19:07)

- How much more valuable is Ezekiel Elliott than Dak Prescott? (1:29:48)

- Who is winning the Heisman Trophy this season? (1:41:46)

- Should Carson Wentz change his playing style to avoid injury? (1:53:32)

- Could Jadeveon Clowney be headed to the Eagles? (1:58:14)

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