Full Show (Cowboys/Eagles recap, Kyler Murray, Michael Vick on Lamar Jackson, Brady's cameo, Jacoby Brissett)


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-Skip and Shannon recap the Cowboys’ 37-10 victory over the Eagles. (1:00)

-Did the Packers’ 42-24 victory over the Raiders prove that Aaron Rodgers is back? (25:56)

-How much better was Kyler Murray than Daniel Jones in the Cardinals’ 27-21 win over the Giants? (41:15)

-What grade would you give Dak Prescott for his performance last night? (52:57)

-Michael Vick joins to comment on whether Lamar Jackson has a chance to be better than him as a running QB in the NFL. (1:07:34)

-Michael Vick returns to recap the Cowboys/Eagles game. (1:19:58)

-Does the Vikings’ 42-30 win over the Lions prove Kirk Cousins finally figured it out in Minnesota? (1:30:21)

-Do you believe Tom Brady’s explanation that his visit to a massage parlor in a Netflix cameo is not a dig at Robert Kraft? (1:37:23)

-Can the Eagles turn it around after their loss to the Cowboys? (1:46:19)

-Is Jacoby Brissett the best quarterback in the AFC right now? (1:52:55)

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