Full Show (Cowboys/Rams preview, Lamar Jackson, Patriots, Victor Oladipo + Michael Eric Dyson join the show)


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-Who will win on Sunday: Rams or Cowboys? (00:16)

-How impressive was Lamar Jackson against the Jets last night? (25:13)

-Do you see a light at the end of the tunnel for the Patriots? (41:25)

-How much truth is there to Troy Aikman’s statement that the Cowboys might not be as good as people thought they would be this season. (53:18)

-Does Lamar Jackson make the Ravens the runaway favorites to win the Super Bowl? (1:04:23)

-How much can Jason Garrett playing a highlight reel for his team to remind them how good they are help them? (1:14:21)

-Victor Oladipo joins the show to discuss The Masked Singer, the Pacers, and more. (1:22:18)

-Michael Eric Dyson joins to discuss Jay-Z’s role in Colin Kaepernick’s workout. (1:32:48)

-Michael Eric Dyson returns to discuss how Lamar Jackson has transformed the quarterback position this season. (1:46:06)

-Skip and Shannon react to the Giants cutting CB Janoris Jenkins in response to his inappropriate tweet. (1:52:46)

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