Full Show (Dak disrespect?, Rodgers/Brady on Luck, Zeke's holdout, Aaron Donald)


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- Reaction to Dak Prescott being left off another Top 100 players list. (00:17)
- Like Aaron Rodgers standing up for Andrew Luck? (25:10)
- Does Ezekiel Elliott really want to be a Cowboy for life? (44:21)
- Is Aaron Donald really the best player in the NFL? (55:20)
- Should Dak Prescott be included on the list of the NFL's best 100 players? (1:06:45)
- Why doesn't Tom Brady get the superstar treatment he deserves? (1:18:38)
- Is Zeke saying all the right things to get a new contract? (1:27:59)
- Reaction to Tom Brady weighing in on Andrew Luck's surprise retirement. (1:36:37)
- Is Trevor Lawrence already the best college QB ever? (1:47:04)
- How big of a loss is the latest injury news for the Patriots? (1:54:24)

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