Full Show (Kawhi's leg, Drake vs. Bucks, Cowboys, Broussard/KD, Snoop Dogg on set)


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- Should the Raptors be concerned about Kawhi's leg issue? (00:14)
- Is Drake's behavior at Raptors/Bucks games out of line? (22:04)
- Are the Cowboys being too stingy with their young stars? (37:10)
- Why are the Buffalo Bills talking about OJ Simpson? (49:18)
- Chris Broussard gives the latest on his Twitter spat with Kevin Durant. (58:53)
- Has Steph Curry taken over the top spot as the NBA's best player? (1:11:24)
- Snoop Dogg on set discussing LeBron and the Lakers. (1:22:09)
- Are the Steelers better off without Le'Veon and AB? (1:34:52)
- Snoop Dogg weighs in on Drake's beef with the Bucks. (1:45:32)
- Will Juwan Howard find success with Michigan's hoops team? (1:55:17)

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