Full Show (Lakers coaching staff, Kawhi's buzzer-beater, Rockets out, GS without KD?)


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-Is Kawhi getting too much credit for a lucky bounce? (00:14)
-Should LeBron be happy with his new coaching staff? (22:46)
-More impressed by GS without KD or disappointed in HOU? (36:37)
-Does Kawhi deserve consideration as the best player in the world? (48:48)
-Toronto defeats Philly 92-90 on Kawhi's crazy buzzer-beater. (1:00:44)
-Will the Rockets ever win a title under Harden and D'Antoni? (1:11:48)
-LeBron gets a new coaching staff. (1:24:11)
-Does Kawhi deserve all the credit for the Raptors win? (1:35:07)
-Are Warriors good enough to win another ring without KD? (1:45:32)
-More impressive Game 7 block: CJ's or LeBron's in 2016 Finals? (1:53:08)

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