Full Show (Lakers/Magic, Aaron Hernandez, Conor McGregor, Chiefs, Packers, Kevin Durant, OBJ)


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-Are you surprised LeBron’s career high 19 assists wasn’t enough for the win against the Magic? (00:15)

-What was your biggest takeaway from the “The Mind of Aaron Hernandez” documentary? (24:27)

-Are we seeing a new version of Conor McGregor ahead of UFC 246? (41:06)

-Do you like the confidence Tyreek Hill has in Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City offense? (52:03)

-Chris Broussard joins to discuss the Magic snapping the Lakers’ 9-game win streak. (1:02:14)

-Do you agree with Kyle Shanahan that Aaron Rodgers is the best passer on the planet? (1:16:42)

-Did Kevin Durant get his list of the toughest NBA players to guard correct? (1:26:40)

-Miles Sanders joins to discuss whether the Eagles will repeat as division champs next season, and more. (1:36:52)

-Is it a good idea or bad idea for Antonio Brown to get in the boxing ring? (1:46:56)

-Do you have a problem with Odell Beckham Jr. giving Joe Burrow real cash after the championship win? (1:15:10)

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