Full Show (Lakers/Raptors + Rockets/Bucks, Dak Prescott, Antonio Brown, Aaron Rodgers)


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00:00 Should Lakers fans be concerned after LeBron and Anthony Davis fell flat against the Raptors?

20:16 On a scale of 1-10, how big of a threat are the Rockets to the Lakers and Clippers?

35:30 Is it a good sign for Dak’s long-term future in Dallas that the Cowboys topped the Forbes’ list of most valuable sports teams?

49:35 Antonio Brown gets 8-game suspension. Will the former All-Pro WR resume his playing career this season?

1:00:56 Chris Broussard joins to discuss the Lakers’ 107-92 loss to the Raptors.

1:14:47 Chris Broussard returns to discuss the Rockets’ win over the Bucks.

1:26:34 Gregg Popovich among several coaches and players to stand during anthem this weekend: “Everybody has to make a personal decision.”

1:37:41 Is it a big deal that LeBron and AD don’t want to practice on game days?

1:45:22 Would Aaron Rodgers really be an upgrade over Dak Prescott in Dallas?

1:52:27 Should Tom Brady be embarrassed about his 6-year-old iPhone 6?

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