Full Show (LeBron/Kawhi, Terrell Owens, Brady's future, Luka Dončić, Aaron Rodgers, Luke Kuechly's retirement)


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-Who had the better game against the Cavs: LeBron or Kawhi? (00:15)

-Do you agree with Terrell Owens that he’s one of the best to ever play in the NFL? (23:55)

-What does Tom Brady moving his family to Connecticut tell you about his future career plans? (38:56)

-Do you agree with Steve Kerr that Luka Doncic can be compared to Larry Bird and James Harden? (48:56)

-Rob Parker joins to discuss what he expects from Aaron Rodgers for the rest of the postseason. (59:46)

-Do you buy that Mike McCarthy will have more of a say in Cowboys’ operations than he did in Green Bay? (1:13:12)

-As 7 pt favorites over the Titans, are the Chiefs getting too much respect, or not enough? (1:24:15)

-Mark Schlereth joins to discuss whether the previous 49ers/Packers matchup holds any relevance in the playoffs. (1:33:47)

-Skip and Shannon react to Panthers LB Luke Kuechly’s retirement. (1:44:04)

-What shot do you give Chad Johnson to make it as a place kicker in the XFL? (1:50:44)

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