Full Show (Lillard vs. Westbrook, Kyler Murray, Le'Veon/OBJ, Spurs vs. Nuggets, Lakers)


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- Are Lillard's heroics a bigger story than Westbrook's failure? (00:14)
- Is there cause for concern around Kyler Murray? (23:26)
- Are Le'Veon Bell and Odell Beckham Jr. setting bad examples? (38:25)
- Will the Spurs be able to right the ship against the Nuggets? (48:01)
- Why did Paul George take a shot at Damian Lillard? (58:11)
- Should NFL teams be worried about drafting Kyler Murray? (1:11:06)
- What is going on with the Lakers' coaching search? (1:26:17)
- Can the Thunder get over the hump with Russell Westbrook? (1:36:45)
- Should Marshawn Lynch be in the Hall of Fame? (1:46:02)
- Will the Warriors blow out the Clippers on Wednesday? (1:52:30)

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