Full Show (NBA Draft lottery, Warriors/Blazers, Giannis vs. Kawhi, Lakers lucky, Tom Brady)


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- Should Zion be enough to convince Anthony Davis to stay in NOLA? (00:14)

- Are the Warriors unbeatable even without Kevin Durant? (23:33)

- Who would you rather have: Giannis or Kawhi? (39:11)

- Was the NBA Draft lottery a disaster for the Knicks and the NBA? (50:41)

- Did the Lakers catch a lucky break in the lottery? (1:01:32)

- Are the Warriors actually better without KD? (1:14:27)

- Knicks super-fan Michael Rapaport breaks down the draft lottery results. (1:26:43)

- What does the future hold for Anthony Davis? (1:38:32)

- Is Tom Brady actually really likable? (1:49:07)

- Predictions for Wednesday's Raptors/Bucks matchup. (1:54:55)

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