Full Show (Patriots' videotaping incident, Le'Veon Bell, Cowboys/Rams preview, Jerry Jones, Protecting Lamar Jackson)


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-What do you make of Urban Meyer’s comments about the possibility of coaching the Cowboys? (00:16)

-Does it surprise you that the NFL does not plan to severely punish the Patriots for recording the Bengals’ sideline? (24:29)

-What’s your takeaway from Le’Veon Bell sitting out with the flu but being spotted out at a bowling alley? (40:04)

-Are you shocked that the Cowboys are underdogs at home against the Rams? (49:50)

-Greg Jennings joins to discuss the Patriots’ videotaping incident. (1:00:26)

-Greg Jennings returns to discuss whether the Cowboys’ season is over if they lose to the Rams. (1:13:45)

-How should the blame for the Patriots’ offensive struggles be divvied up? (1:24:32)

-Do you like Jerry Jones’ comments about being a GM? (1:35:29)

-Is Earl Thomas right that the referees need to do more to protect Lamar Jackson? (1:46:33)

-How should Kawhi be perceived by Raptors fans? (1:53:03)

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